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Ck global project

Ck global employs cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring secure and transparent financial transactions through decentralized encryption methods.

Ck global allows you to seamlessly manage day-to-day expenses, covering essentials like food, medicine, clothing, insurance, loan payments, and educational fees.

Ck global acts as a catalyst, empowering individuals to pursue dreams, whether it's starting a business, creating a home, conducting research, or fostering innovative creations.

Es, ck global facilitates valuable cryptocurrency investments, providing a hub for users to explore and engage in the world of digital assets.

Absolutely! ck global operates through cryptocurrencies, making the financial landscape inclusive and accessible to a broad audience.

Keep an eye on our official website and social media channels for announcements and updates on the upcoming ios and mobile app release. stay connected for a transformative digital experience!

Ck global tech roadmap

The "ck global road map" outlines a transformative vision for fundraising and investing, leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform. it aims to bridge the gap between financial struggles and personal aspirations, empowering individuals to manage day-to-day expenses and pursue their dreams. the road map envisions a future where financial accessibility and empowerment are available to all, fostering innovation and positive change.

31 Dec , 2023

Foundation & launch

01 Mar , 2024

Platform enhancements

01 Jun , 2024

Community building

01 Dec , 2024

Global expansion

01 Jan , 2025

Partnerships & collaborations

01 Apr , 2025

Sustainability initiatives

01 Jun , 2025

Mobile integration

01 Aug , 2025

Advanced features

01 Jan , 2026

Future visionor

Ck global

Delve into the details of our token ecosystem. from supply specifics to innovative features, explore the foundation of ck global's transformative financial empowerment. discover your path to prosperity.

Token allocation

  • Token name

  • Paltform

    USD Based
  • Total supply

    25000000 CKG
  • Sold tokens

    0 CKG
Founders Round Running

1 CKG = 0.42500000 USD

  • Available tokens 25000000 CKG
  • Bonus tokens 0 CKG
  • Start date May - 17 - 2024
  • End date May - 31 - 2024
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